10 Hacks To Make Your Move To Or Across Cape Town As

Tips and Tricks for Making Moving a Surmountable Task

1. Tape your cables & remotes to your TV's

Imagine missing the game because you've misplaced a cable while moving! Maybe you're not even sure which side of the boerewors curtain you left it at, Brakenfell the place you called home for most of your life or Pinelands your best bet at travelling between work and home in under an hour... Sure it has to be somewhere in one of those boxes but how many games are you going to miss before you manage to finish unpacking and locate that cable? To avoid this type of dispair try taping your cables and remotes to the TV (or other appliance) to which they correspond. Be sure to use a quality tape that firstly sticks things together and, secondly, doesn't leavy a sticky residue upon removal. Try masking tape.

2. A marvellous jewellery organiser.

It goes without saying that a lady's valuable and sentimental jewellery pieces have velvet cases for their safekeeping but what about all those items that are actually just fashion accessories. Should you throw them into a box while moving from Goodwood to Woodstock they'll only end up in a tangled mess... Enter the humble egg box, the jewellery organiser that's here to revolutionise the way women all across Cape Town relocate their beauty accessories.

3. Keep correct posture.

If you've heard this one once you've heard it a thousand times... When lifting heavy objects keep your back straight! To lift set your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend only your hips and knees to lower yourself into a position from which you can lift. Maintain your posture and balance and lift by straightening your legs. The physique that results hopefully works out nicely for your summer loafing on Clifton Beach or anywhere else along the Atlantic Seaboard for that matter.

4. Use those suitcases.

The most effective way to simplify your packing is to access spaces that already exist. Suitcases are a perfect example of this space. They are designed to carry a substantial weight and these days mostly come with wheels attached for easy mobility. Make sure you've utilised every available suitcase space before you resort to another box.

5. Keep your packing tools accessible.

It may sound obvious but here's one that needs some prompting. While packing, be sure to bundle all your tape, stickers, marking pens and other implements together in one box. Move this stash with you from room to room as you pack for your Cape Town relocation. Ensure the moving tools you need are always on hand and time wastage will be kept to a minimum.

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6. Pull-over refuse bags.

Whether you're upsizing, downsizing, moving into the Southern Suburbs or moving out of the Southern Suburbs here's a hack that will benefit all relocating within Cape Town or beyond. Bundle your shirts, trousers or dresses together not by throwing them into refuse bags but by pulling the refuse bags over grouped items leaving the hangars exposed. Not only will you keep your clothes organised and in the same order but you will also save yourself a whole lot of ironing upon arrival at your new home. 

7. Safety first - use the equipment on hand.

Kitchen utensils are a difficult mix of sharp and fragile. Inserting utensils into oven mitts or wrapping in dishcloths will both protect delicate items and protect your hands from their sharp edges all while not going beyond the contents of your kitchen to find a solution.  

8. Alternating china and styrofoam.

Your day to day crockery may be safely wrapped in just a layer or two of newspaper and would be considered a normal moving practice by most people making their big move in Cape Town. But, what about that really fragile china? The solution is to stack the plates with alternating styrofoam plates. Pack these stacks securely in a box and you will be good to go. Upon arrival at your new home don't hesitate to use the plates for your first few meals to avoid washing up, besides, you've got other things that require your attention.  

9. Colour code.

Here's a tip that's equally beneficial to moving home in Milnerton or to moving office in Montague Gardens. Get yourself a selection of colour-coded stickers and use them to colour code your boxes by room or area in your home or office. Remember to create a reference list that can be slipped into a handbag for easy retrieval upon arrival at your new domain.

10. Upcycle the bog roll.

This one will take a bit of action in advance - all across Cape Town people are disposing of or recycling their toilet rolls without out hesitating but rather, if you start collecting them... Instead of using cable ties or tape to organise your cables, accumulate some empty toilet paper rolls prior to moving. They'll do a great job at containing your cables neatly and providing you with a space to write down the application of the cable. 

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Simplify the process of moving into, out of or across Cape Town with the moving tips and tricks above. Take the heavy lifting out of the relocation exercise by contracting Peninsula Removal Services to provide the helping hands and logistics that will efficiently move you and your belongings into your new home. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation and read on below for four bonus moving hacks.

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Bonus Moving Hacks

11. Pack first-night essentials separately.

Pack an accessible, dedicated box for all your first night essentials! You'll be thankful you did because when you're exhausted after a whole day of moving in Cape Town's sun, wind or rain, the last thing you want to do is search through boxes for your essentials.

12. Photograph your cable configurations.

Regardless of whether you're moving from Green Point to Sea Point or Bellville to Bakoven, moving normally means disarray. If you're not that technically minded and you know you won't be able to remember which wires are connected to which ports, take a picture of them still connected before the move!

13. Cable tie the cutlery.

Simple but effective, cable tie cutlery in matching bunches to make organising your drawers that much easier in your new home. If you don't have cable ties, string should do the job just fine.

14. Number those boxes.

And to wrap it up, if we have one moving hack for you that will make your packing and relocation around Cape Town that much less stressful. Number your boxes and make a numbered list of their contents. Trust us, it will make your life a whole lot easier when reorganising your new Cape Town home! 
Enjoy moving! We wish you all the best. Make the most of the new oppotunities which come your way. 
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